Danielle Peck partners with Kisstixx & Debuts NEW single on ABC's Shark Tank

Peck to Appear on Hit Business Reality TV Show in Support of New Product Partnership and New Single, "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me"

 This weekend, country music's Danielle Peck will appear and perform on ABC's hit business reality TV show Shark Tank in support of her partnership with Kisstixx® Lip Balm and new single, "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me."  The new single is available for purchase via iTunes HERE.

Purchase "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me" on iTunes

Peck has partnered with Kisstixx® and the company's newly launched web site, HowToKiss.com, to create several branding and co-branding opportunities, including her very own flavors which will be in stores nationwide next year.

"I'm so excited to tell everyone about my partnership with Kisstixx and my new song, 'Kiss Me Like You Miss Me,'" says Peck.  "This tune is all about puckerin' up with the one you love!"  

Kisstixx® exploded earlier this year following an appearance Shark Tank, catching the attention of billionaire investor, Mark Cuban.  With Cuban’s involvement in the company, Kisstixx® is now a nationwide brand launching worldwide next year.  Peck is the company's first celebrity partner.

Peck will perform "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me" on Shark Tank's Kisstixx® followup story this Friday, February 28 at 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET on ABC.

Kisstixx® is a high quality lip balm packaged together in two compatible flavors.  When a couple kisses, the two combine creating a chemistry reaction, bursting with flavors and aroma.  

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