Danielle Peck

Artist & SiriusXM Personality/Host

Whether you’ve heard her hosting SiriusXM’s Y2Kountry, hosting a festival or performing for her fans, Danielle has established herself as a multifaceted talent in the music industry.  

An accomplished recording artist and performer, Danielle knows of which she speaks, having travelled that path on the way to completing How Freedom Feels, her third studio album, soon to be released. No stranger to country fans, she’s enjoyed chart success with songs including “I Don’t,” “Findin’ A Good Man” and “Isn’t That Everything,” and has cultivated a loyal fan base on the road, performing hundreds of shows both as a headliner and in support of country music’s biggest names. But while music has driven her life since childhood, it’s only recently that she’s centered it in a deeply personal place.

“When I first came to town I had been writing songs by myself and performing them on the road,” she explains of early years with her Ohio-based band. “When I got to Nashville the big thing was co-writing, so I had to learn how to write with someone else. I felt like I always had to have 10 ideas and was always writing toward the catchy song, the clever turn of phrase, something I thought radio would want. It wasn’t so much about what was inside of me, where I was at or what I believed. A lot of the songs I wrote back then are great, but I’ve learned to let go of some of that and write from a more personal perspective.”

Not only has her writing style evolved into the current artist she is today, but she has utilized her talents in other areas.  When she’s not performing shows, you can hear her every weekday as the host of SiriusXM’s Y2Kountry Channel 61, where she gets to play some of her favorite music by her friends, but also gets to share some of the good stories from years of touring with fellow Y2K artists.  Additionally, she has hosted several Y2Kountry Specials featuring artists such as Sara Evans, Rodney Atkins, Randy Houser and Gretchen Wilson.  When not broadcasting to all of North America, you may find her hosting your local/regional music festival, corporate function or charity event.  Be on the lookout to where she will pop up next.